Do you think that Psychometric Test is just a fad?

Psychometric testing is popular from quite some time for measuring intelligence and aptitude. However, in the recent years, HR experts have used it for whittling down employees. Is it indeed an effective way of identifying personality traits?

Some of the experienced occupational psychologists have been using these tests for their clients. They feel that the test capable of knowing whether a resource is fit for the job or not. It is not a “pass or fail challenge” but a tool to find out that the person has the desired aptitudes which are prerequisites for the job responsibility.

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When selection procedure is appropriate, there is a minimum risk of taking a wrong person on board. Also, the tests help a person in deciding about the career path so that it becomes an adventure and not a dull and mundane routine.

Psychometric tests can measure aptitude, personality, and interest of people. When we say interests, it means how a person is different from others in terms of values, opinions and inspirations. When something is incredibly enthusiastic for a person, it could be boring for another person. It all depends on the perceptions, learning, and cognitive development. Personality test focuses on the personality attributes, styles and the way they interact with others and the surroundings. Aptitude tests focus on how people differ in carrying out a task. All tests are based on scientific concepts. They are not speculations.

Is there any alternate to psychometric tests?

You can determine these things by observing a person in action. However, it takes a lot of time. Moreover, it can be done on a retrospective basis and not proactively. When you want to assess the traits before taking an employee onboard, it is impossible to observe the behavior on a real-time basis. In such situations, these tests come out as the best tool.

Personality, intelligence, beliefs, and attitude are useful characteristics when you hire people. You want people who will add value to the team. Hence, it becomes furthermore important to find out these hidden attributes before they become part of your team.

How does the employer get benefited by it?

Psychologists say that a sophisticated psychometric test helps the employers in assessing the skills, abilities and traits of employees if they are used in conjunction with the personal interview. If the tests are combined rightly, they can bring excellent results.

It is needless to say that the accuracy of the results derived from the test should be accurate and reliable. Since the results can impact critical decisions about the prospects of the employee and the organization, there is no chance of mistake. More and more companies use these tests for streamlining the selection process.

Since the test gives clear and precise information, HR managers can alter the training and development methodologies specific to the individual needs because one size doesn’t fit all.

Psychometric tests play pivotal role in training and development

You spend a significant time in the training and development activities because they are considered vital for employee development. Day after day the training methodology gets refined and enhanced. Use of psychometric tests is increasing rapidly because of their effectiveness buy Spotify Plays. Experts say that a few things should be considered while using them in employee training and development programs.

  • Make sure that the team members are aware of the purpose and importance of these tests. They should not take it as fun but understand that the data analysis and report of the test results will determine their career path.
  • Tests should be in line with the organization goals and team objectives. They should be discussed with the team members first. Also, their comfort level needs to be determined.
  • The training partner is supposed to discuss the reliability and fairness of the test. He has to keep you in the loop while deciding validity parameters. HR managers of the organization should know about the test before it is given to the team members.
  • Trainers have to be proficient in conducting the test. They should know the ins and outs of it.
  • It is highly important to keep the people engaged in the test. Impressive introduction and good presentation win the battle. Test organizer should set the objective in the beginning, so that everyone is on the same page.

If the tests are used in a systematic manner for training and development, then they can add value to the organization by identifying the skills and aptitude of each employee. “Best fit” and “most unfit” employees come out prominently in the lot.

It is not a fad, but a great tool to assess the emotional intelligence

Apart from understanding the suitability of an employee to handle a job profile, it is widely used for assessing the Emotional Intelligence which is a new concept. With the help of these tests, HR managers can understand the specific aspects that need to be focused on.

Emotional intelligence is a set of qualities that enables a person in coping up with the challenges of personal and professional life. They are social, emotional and interpersonal traits that help to sense the feeling of others. The traits help in recognizing and understanding the self-emotions also.

After undergoing the test, a person gets an adequate understanding about the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. It is also possible to move certain competencies up and down, based on the results. Experts call it “personality tuning”. At the same time, experts warn about a few inherent threats of using these tests for assessing Emotional Intelligence.

First of all, the face value of the employee shouldn’t get affected by the test results. Secondly, the results shouldn’t be imposed on a person to change the basic personality traits. Some things are impossible to change. Third and most important aspect is that the test results shouldn’t be used for passing judgment. It should be considered a way to reflect the personality.

Hence, you can’t reject the test by passing judgment without understanding its importance. Several people have got benefited by it.