At Synergy we understand that you want to be treated as something more than a name on a database, therefore, our aim is to provide you with an effective and ethical service while helping you to secure the best opportunity possible.

Whether your career is in its early stages or whether you are looking for a senior executive role, our experienced Consultants will offer you career advice and encouragement throughout the search process.

  • Nurturing Your Talent

    We believe that the quality advice and guidance we offer our candidates is second to none as well as supporting then in building the confidence to succeed at the highest levels within their specialised areas. We are committed to long term growth for our candidates and help them to reach their full career potential- this commitment underpins our entire business model and is integral to our ongoing development as a business.

    Our specialist consultants are highly skilled and will help you make the most of every opportunity by:

    • CV preparation
    • Tailored job search
    • Regular updates
    • Personalised interview coaching
  • Oversea Staff

    As Brexit is coming around us, we understand some of you are unsure to what the future holds for you in this country. Rest be assured we have staff in our HR Department who are experts in helping you put in order your Pre-settlement and Settlement status and staff who requires the relevant visas to work in the UK.